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General Camp Information

Camp Richard is located 3 miles from the Steamship Authority docking facility. Biking is the suggested form of transportation and activity for visiting scout troops. There are numerous bike paths which cover the island. Plan on bringing your own bikes or rent them here. Itineraries and strip maps for the bike paths are available from the following bike rental shops:

Each visiting troop should have a support vehicle. Reservations for your vehicle need to be made as early as possible. Contact the Steamship Authority and inquire about group rates. This vehicle is needed to move troop gear from the Steamship to the camp and back. It is also needed to provide the necessary transportation in the result of an emergency. Many scout troops have found it advantageous to rent a large (18’) box van to bring all their troop gear and bikes to Nantucket. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not plan on bringing a support vehicle and plan to walk on the Steamship with your bikes, you will need to coordinate early with the Steamship Authority as space for your bikes may not always be available. Upon arrival the bikes are off-loaded and the scouts bike to camp. This eliminates the cost of the bikes on the ferry. Judy’s Cab (228-7722) has vans and charges reasonable rates.

We have an Adirondack Shelter site with four large shelters. This site is available for rent. Charge is $40.00 per night for the entire site.

Bulk propane tanks are available for rent at the cost of $10.00. Charcoal grills are available. An open fire may be built in the large Camp Fire council ring. A large open sports field is available for softball, baseball, football, Frisbee and other games. A volleyball court, basketball court and a horseshoe pit is in place, and all the needed equipment, i.e., bats, balls, horseshoes, etc., are available. Equipment will be issued to you upon request during your in-processing at the Camp. The camp has an archery range; however, troops need to bring their own bows and arrows.

A compass course is established, and the necessary paperwork (score sheets, etc.) is available. You will need to bring your compasses with you if you plan to utilize the course.

An orienteering course is available. The visiting troop leadership will need to put up and retrieve the markers. This orienteering course is run off a strip map vs a topo map. Copies of the strip map and rules/briefing are available, and need to be coordinated prior to arrival at camp.

An obstacle course has been established. It is a unit responsibility to insure the course is adult supervised during any usage.

A dumpster and a recycling bin are available for your garbage and trash. Visiting units are REQUIRED to recycle all metal, glass, and plastic. Only garbage should go in the dumpster. Garbage must be in a clear plastic bag. Paper and cardboard may be burned in the main fire ring. The use of the dumpster must be supervised by the adult leadership.

The new camp lodge is now open for use. Troops will be briefed on its usage.

Each visiting unit is encouraged to assist the camp by completing a small service project (usually 1 hour or less).

Upon arrival at camp look on the bulletin board located to the right of the gate for instructions on where to camp and the time for your orientation briefing. The Scoutmaster and/or the leader in charge will be briefed. The unit will also undergo a simple clearance inspection prior to departure.

Camp Richard Campers' Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 3002
Nantucket, MA 02584

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