Camp Richard, Nantucket District, BSA

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1. Fires: No open fires, except in campsites with fire rings and the large council ring. The grills are for charcoal only. Do not burn wood in the grills or fireplaces.

2. Water: All water in camp is potable. Water points should not be used as KP/clean-up locations. Establish a clean-up area somewhere on the fringe of your campsite. Use of sinks in buildings to wash dishes/pots is prohibited.

3. Police: Police of campsite/camp is important. Insure your unit conducts a thorough police call of your camp site and the portion of the camp you used.

4. Use of Mooney Lodge: Adult supervised at all times. Bathrooms are to be used by visiting ADULTS/FEMALES only, and cleaned prior to departure.

5. Dumpster/Recycle Bin: All metal, glass and plastic must be recycled. Rinse out containers. All garbage must be put in CLEAR Plastic Bags and placed in the Dumpster. The dumpster is to be used for garbage only.

6. Service Project: Visiting units may be asked to perform a short service project.

7. Vehicles: All vehicles must be parked in the parking area and must be backed into their parking space.

8. Security: Be aware of the need to safeguard valuables/bikes, etc.

9. Latrines/Shower house: The shower house and bathrooms must be left neat and clean.

10. Responsibility: Insure ALL unit members are briefed on this material. Insure your scouts are properly supervised at all times.

11. General: The Scout Oath and Law are to be observed at all times. Put back any items you may have borrowed or moved, i.e. charcoal grills, extra picnic tables, etc. Clean out grills.

12. Departure Times/Clearance: Times will be coordinated at the in-processing briefing.

Leave the camp better than you found it. Have a great visit and spread the word back home in your Councils, so other scouts can come and experience Nantucket.

Camp Richard Campers' Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 3002
Nantucket, MA 02584

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